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A cultural icon of Downtown New York, Penny Arcade is a writer, actress, comedienne, social commentator, political activist, and one of the inventors of Performance Art (for which she apologizes!)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Penny at OUTFEST in LA..check out

I just spent another amazing two weeks at OUTFEST in LA..Los Angeles's Gay,Lesbian ,Bi , Trans Film Festival and the largest in the world apparently.
I participated in MobiOpera, a soap opera shot entirely on cell phone video !!! One of my favorite partners in art and crime, Anna Margerhita Albelo , the filmmaker partnered up with me to create our almost daily film. I had decided on an hommage to Cocteau's Le Voix Humane, which he originally wrote for Edith Piaf (What about that Piaf movie???????? If you haven't seen it GO!!!!) Then it was filmed as a vehicle for Anna Magnani who was tremendous in it. It is the story of a phone call or series of calls to from a lover who had left her.
I decied to change that from a lover relationship to a fag-faghag relationship.
Check it out at

you move the timeline to see the story progress.
Meanwhile if you check under will see I ambringing back Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore! for one show only
September 11th at the Speigeltent in South Street Seaport.