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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Well despite my intention to Blog regularly as we can all see I haven't done it. It has been a crazy year which in my life is really saying something! But I am reinspired to write on my site so I will post my recent journal from my trip to the Sinai Desert.
By teh way it looks like things are moving along with Semiotexts publication of teh first book of my work next fall although a psychic Tarot reader in Sinai told me the book would be delayed..lets has already been delayed once..maybe that was what she was picking up on!

I had one of those revisiting bad feelings last night when out of the blue an old friend Claudia Steinberg emailed me to interview me for a German Arts magazine about the sale of the Jack Smith Archive to Barbara Gladstone.I was giving her some of the back story and decided to look some stuff up and send it to her and I re-encountered some of the malicious slander that I had mostly avoided reading on Hi-Beam and Frameworks posted by the deluded and vicious Mary Jordan (The great thing about the sale was getting rid of Jordan and her partner Peralta out of our lives. They had been frivoulously taking us to court for the past 5 years , trust fund creeps tend to sue I have found, it is their only true creative outlet and the last basis for their sueing was the failure of their film..yes Veronica, there is a Santa Claus and people can sue you for whatever they wish is part of our capitalist system..this is how it works..they have the money too sue and then they try to bankrupt people who don't have trust funds and the system thrives on this waste of money and time.

Well, I read alot of posts I had never seen including one where I supposedly claim that it is supposedly claimed that I say I was in Jack Smith films, something I addressed in a former blog when Jordan accused me of it. however this time on Hi Beam or Frameworks where Peralta and Jordan did most of their internet slandering of Plaster Foundation, Hoberman and I ...I followed Jordan's link and lo and behold this gallery in London , who never contacted me, list me as being in Jack's films. many of you have read my bio in different programms for my shows or perhaps even here on my website and if you go to which stores every post ever made to my or one can easily see that in over ten years of having a website biography there has NEVER been any mention of my being in any Jack smith film..for one, as I have mentioned I was still in junior highschool when Jack was making films and secondly although he continued to wield cameras into the late 60's they never had any film in them...stories made famous by Tally Brown and others besides me.

Mywish of course is that Barbara Gladstone , now in full possession of the Jack Smith Archive will do what we were stopped from doing since 2002 when these hateful creatures came into our lives and hamstrung us from doing the work we had done for years to bring Jack to the prominence he now holds.I plan to write the story of in detail of what transpired from teh time of Jack's death when we lost jack and gained the full obsessive madness of a coterie of pathetic self serving cretins but for now I will move along to happier thoughts and post some of my journal from my recent trip to
Eygpt. This past summer in Vienna I said to myself as I walked around the old center of Vienna.."I am always trying to walk backwards into history." In Eygpt I found myself walking back into pre-history and it was an amzing journey. Read On to next post.


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